ReDSS Dashboard Guide

The Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat (ReDSS) is not an implementing agency, but a coordination and information hub acting as a catalyst and agent provocateur to stimulate forward thinking and policy development on durable solutions for displacement affected communities in the East and Horn of Africa. It seeks to improve joint learning and research, support advocacy and policy development, capacity development and coordination.

The ReDSS Solutions framework is a rapid analytical tool that offers a snapshot in time to assess to what extent durable solutions for displaced populations have been attained in a particular context. The Solutions framework looks at physical, material and legal safety of the displaced populations in comparison to the host communities. It is comprised of the 8 IASC criteria with 31 outcome indicators that are organized around physical safety, material safety and legal safety.

This public ReDSS dashboard visually presents the Solution Framework analysis in various contexts to its stakeholder to enable them to: view the ReDSS Solutions framework indicators in use, identify priorities for early action based on the indicator rating, understand the key challenges in durable solutions programming, and identify the gaps that must be closed.